Secretarial Services

FIDE Secretarial Services for Private Limited Company include:

Maintenance of Statutory Books:

(a) Register of Members;

(b) Register of Directors, Secretaries, Manager and Auditors;

(c) Register of Charges over the Company’s assets;

(d) Register of Directors interest in shares and debentures;

(e) Minutes Books of the proceedings of General and Board meetings;

Compliance Work:

(a) Minutes of board meeting in order formally to approve the statutory

financial statements for placing before the members.

(b) Notice (and, where appropriate, consent to short notice) of the Annual

General Meeting;

(c) Letter of Proxy

(d) Minutes of the Annual General Meeting; and

(e) Annual Return

Changes required to be minuted formally, recorded in the statutory

records, and/or notified to the registrar of companies.

(a) Changes in the Memorandum and Articles of Association;

(b) Alteration in capital structure;

(c) Share transfers;

(d) Changes in the officers of the Company;

(e) Change of name and registered office.

FIDE Statutory Compliance Service includes:

Computation of Corporate Tax and Filing of Annual Tax Return with IRAS

Preparation of Financial Statements as per Financial Reporting Standards of Singapore

Preparation of Director’s Report

Preparation and Filing of Annual Return with ACRA